Welcome to VanPubs, a site that lets you search the Vancouver area for a pub that suits your needs. Follow us on twitter to find out about the latest pub information around downtown and beyond! If you know a pub, please vote on what attributes it has on the individual pub listings so everyone can use that information to find the place they desire. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

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On this site I use the ELO Rating System to rank the pubs, clubs and bars against each other. The ELO Rating System was developed to rank chess players relative to each other, but it works for pubs too! Choosing a win, lose or draw for a pub will alter its ELO score up or down. The score is shown in the list of pubs below. The list can be sorted on different criteria depending on which button you press above the list.
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Are you looking for a place with no TV's or do you want to watch the game? Perhaps you are looking for a place with outside seating? Select your preference by pressing the appropriate button and wait a few seconds for the list to sort.

Places that score the highest in the pub battle
Places with few or no TV's, no distractions!
Places with lots of TV's, go local sports team!
Places with outside seating, for when it's not raining
Some text in here me thinks
Is your favourite drinking establishment not listed here? Please tell me the name and location using the suggestions page.


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About this site

Welcome to! Use this site to expand your knowledge of downtown Vancouver by searching the pubs, bars and clubs by name or location! I work on this site in my spare time and I plan to add many more features, if you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see then don't hesitate to leave them.

Currently this site allows you to search the map of downtown Vancouver for areas you would like to go out in the evening and find pubs, bars, clubs and other drinking establishments nearby. The map of downtown Vancouver showed above displays a marker for every drinking establishment that I've added to date. I'd love to hear about ones I've missed. You can click on the marker to display the name of the place, clicking on the name will then show you a picture and additional information about that establishment.

You can sort the bar list by various categories to help find the perfect place for your needs. The overall goal is to create a fast and easy way to discover the best pubs, bars and clubs in downtown Vancouver. I'd hope that by checking this site, you'll find a place you've never been to and know you would enjoy it before you even get there.