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Cactus Club (Robson)

Name Cactus Club (Robson)
Address1136 Robson St
Phone 604-687-3278
Home Pagehttp://www.cactusclubcafe.com/
Description Cactus Club (Robson) has outside seating! It is not known if Cactus Club (Robson) has a lot of TV's.
Day Opening Hours
Monday 11am-late
Tuesday 11am-late
Wednesday 11am-late
Thursday 11am-late
Friday 11am-late
Saturday 11am-late
Sunday 11am-late
Outside Seating?
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Lots of TVs?
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Cactus club one of the top places to work? What? I worked there and it was my worst job experience bar none. It is rated as one of the top places to work because they threatened to fire any employee- opps..."business partner" that did not vote for them. why such a bad place? Unpaid hours, endless meetings full of brainwashing propaganda.
posted by andrew
To Bad Scottie is so Ignorant
Rob Feenie did not create the cactus club menu. He joined long after the concept had been developed. He has had minimal, meaning virtually no, impact on the food since he has been there. It is the exact same, bland, made for the masses who dont know what real food should taste like, food. He is entirely there as a figure head, so dumb asses like you think they have a great culinary vision, when they dont.
posted by Richard
Ignorance is bliss
I heard they have Rob Feenie the chef working at cactus club.So for an iron chef to work at Cactus club seems its the only legitame chain that has a great food concept.So Brando stop thinking with just your penis. And to you nurse, the prices are comparable to milstones, joeys and earls maybe you should be eating at Dennys. As for the undressed staff, stop living in the 50's and get with the times.Cactus club is the number one casual/fine dining restaurant in Canada.Rated 50 best managed companies in canada. Top 10 best places to work for in vancouver. So Denny and Nurse do some research first before giving an ignorant opinion
posted by Scottie
the only reason you should go to cactus is if everywhere else is full or if you want to watch a canucks game. They do tend to hire wicked hot ladies! (for a menu that doesnt specialize in anything it is extremely limited)
posted by brando
Rubbish Chain
With all the fantastic, unique restaurants in this city, why would anyone choose to go to a generic overpriced and overall bland chain like this one? Besides the over friendly and underdressed staff?
posted by nurse p