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On this site I use the ELO Rating System to rank the pubs, clubs and bars against each other. The ELO Rating System was developed to rank chess players relative to each other, but it works for pubs too! Choosing a win, lose or draw for a pub will alter its ELO score up or down. The score is shown in the list of pubs below. The list can be sorted on different criteria depending on which button you press above the list.
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Bar Listing

1stCoco Rico CafeBattles 311Score 1535
2ndCellar Jazz ClubBattles 256Score 1444
3rdComox Long Bar and GrillBattles 382Score 1416
4thThe ShackBattles 299Score 1400
5thThe Sin BinBattles 260Score 1390
6thGargoyles Tap + GrillBattles 256Score 1357
7thKitsilano Public HouseBattles 274Score 1342
8thEstablishmentBattles 248Score 1340
9thDover ArmsBattles 389Score 1332
10thEpicurean Caffe BistroBattles 306Score 1327
11thThe Wolf and HoundBattles 348Score 1322
12thAbigail's PartyBattles 349Score 1320
13thUpper DeckBattles 242Score 1306
14thThe Royal Canadian LegionBattles 286Score 1299
15thRowan's RoofBattles 238Score 1298
16thBrowns (West 4th)Battles 331Score 1292
17thShenanigansBattles 363Score 1287
18thSmiley O'Neal's Irish Whiskey PubBattles 411Score 1281
19thThe Yard CafeBattles 224Score 1278
20thMilestone's (West 4th)Battles 275Score 1262
21stThe Regal BeagleBattles 300Score 1262
22ndThe Den at the BarclayBattles 241Score 1258
23rdLoose MooseBattles 446Score 1227
24thThe Narrow LoungeBattles 266Score 1224
25thFunkysBattles 273Score 1224
26thCobaltBattles 345Score 1222
27thLolita'sBattles 399Score 1207
28thScoreBattles 410Score 1205
29thThe LocalBattles 356Score 1202
30thBayside LoungeBattles 391Score 1196
31stThe AcademicBattles 342Score 1194
32ndThe Kings HeadBattles 269Score 1192
33rdWired MonkBattles 249Score 1190
34thFairview PubBattles 246Score 1189
35thRoom18Battles 259Score 1184
36thThe WicklowBattles 299Score 1183
37thNo5 OrangeBattles 417Score 1179
38thOriginal Joe'sBattles 366Score 1179
39thThe CoveBattles 264Score 1166
40thThe Winking JudgeBattles 387Score 1161
41stCorduroyBattles 287Score 1161
42ndRailway ClubBattles 549Score 1142
43rdYaggers (Kitsilano)Battles 273Score 1136
44thIvanhoe PubBattles 354Score 1129
45thAvanti's Neighbourhood PubBattles 208Score 1129
46thThe CapitalBattles 311Score 1109
47thYagger'sBattles 327Score 1096
48thBackstage LoungeBattles 327Score 1093
49thToby's Pub & GrillBattles 240Score 1086
50thBlack FrogBattles 399Score 1073
51stCambieBattles 483Score 1070
52ndDisplaceBattles 222Score 1063
53rdPrestonsBattles 284Score 1059
54thElwoodsBattles 312Score 1056
55thArtisan Sake MakeBattles 268Score 1043
56thKingston TaphouseBattles 452Score 1020
57thJang Mo JibBattles 203Score 1015
58thBin941Battles 373Score 1012
59thElectric OwlBattles 275Score 1012
60thMill Marine BistroBattles 429Score 1010
61stFalconetti'sBattles 342Score 1010
62ndSpeakeasy (Broadway)Battles 279Score 1009
63rdJohnnie FoxsBattles 278Score 1007
64thIrish HeatherBattles 455Score 1006
65thMalones Bar & GrillBattles 482Score 1005
66thThe BiminiBattles 328Score 1004
67thCoppertank GrillBattles 422Score 1004
68thCraft Beer MarketBattles 532Score 1002
69thMilestone's (Denman)Battles 458Score 1001
70thRockford (Broadway)Battles 285Score 1001
71stThe Red RoomBattles 422Score 999
72ndSalt Tasting RoomBattles 443Score 998
73rdAlibi RoomBattles 501Score 997
74thFamous WarehouseBattles 263Score 995
75thSpeakeasyBattles 380Score 994
76thBiercraft (Commercial)Battles 317Score 993
77thThe ParkBattles 226Score 993
78thSubeezBattles 436Score 991
79thDoolinsBattles 516Score 989
80thLamplighter's PubBattles 537Score 989
81stJoey (Broadway)Battles 311Score 988
82ndThe FactoryBattles 217Score 987
83rdTwo Parrots Perch and GrillBattles 411Score 981
84thLions PubBattles 444Score 977
85thMahony & Sons (Burrard Landing)Battles 315Score 977
86thMahony & Sons (UBC)Battles 278Score 970
87thThe AnnexBattles 191Score 969
88thThe PintBattles 414Score 968
89thSt. Augustine'sBattles 454Score 966
90thFanclubBattles 254Score 963
91stCavoBattles 221Score 963
92ndChambarBattles 425Score 961
93rdThe WhipBattles 299Score 959
94thDarby'sBattles 434Score 959
95thLondon PubBattles 326Score 958
96thSoho BilliardsBattles 350Score 957
97thThe CinemaBattles 340Score 957
98thThe Granville Island Brewing TaproomBattles 374Score 955
99thCats Social HouseBattles 324Score 954
100thHeaven's DoorBattles 184Score 954
101stThe Union BarBattles 250Score 953
102ndMoxie's Bar and Grill (West Georgia)Battles 406Score 952
103rdGuys & Dolls BilliardsBattles 211Score 952
104thMetropoleBattles 375Score 951
105thDockside LoungeBattles 308Score 950
106thMoxie's Bar and Grill (Robson)Battles 364Score 949
107thEarls (Robson)Battles 371Score 949
108th1181Battles 291Score 949
109thPublic LoungeBattles 221Score 947
110th33 Acres Brewing CoBattles 261Score 947
111thBaru LatinoBattles 257Score 944
112thOasisBattles 308Score 943
113thLickerishBattles 374Score 943
114thSix AcresBattles 434Score 943
115thThe Five PointBattles 280Score 943
116thWings (Granville)Battles 445Score 939
117thElephant & CastleBattles 472Score 939
118thGuu GardenBattles 295Score 937
119thFrankie's Italian Kitchen & BarBattles 260Score 936
120thLibra RoomBattles 222Score 936
121stClough ClubBattles 247Score 936
122ndBelgian FriesBattles 253Score 935
123rdFets Bar and GrillBattles 242Score 935
124thLennoxBattles 462Score 934
125thThe RogueBattles 284Score 934
126thCavinoBattles 291Score 934
127thPrestigio Bar & GrillBattles 230Score 933
128thCactus Club (Beach&Denman)Battles 367Score 933
129thBlarney StoneBattles 475Score 931
130thGeorgeBattles 249Score 930
131stEarls (Hornby)Battles 473Score 929
132ndManchesterBattles 274Score 927
133rdThe New OxfordBattles 318Score 925
134thThe CharlatanBattles 260Score 925
135thJoey (Bentall)Battles 268Score 925
136thEndless Summer Restaurant & Cocktail BarBattles 227Score 923
137thBrickhouse BarBattles 354Score 922
138thYaletown Brewing CompanyBattles 490Score 921
139thMarket at Shangri-LaBattles 348Score 920
140thBiercraft (Cambie)Battles 350Score 920
141stJimmy's Tap HouseBattles 349Score 919
142ndKamei BaruBattles 249Score 919
143rdEarls (Fir)Battles 340Score 918
144thTap & Barrel (Olympic Village)Battles 354Score 918
145thSylvia's BarBattles 362Score 917
146thMoxie's Bar and Grill (Davie)Battles 394Score 915
147thMilestone's (Robson)Battles 382Score 915
148thBridgesBattles 350Score 915
149thRevel RoomBattles 241Score 914
150thBrassneckBattles 290Score 914
151stFountainhead PubBattles 466Score 913
152ndSteamworksBattles 600Score 913
153rdV (The Place To V)Battles 216Score 912
154thThe Reef (Main)Battles 337Score 911
155thBlue Water Cafe + Raw BarBattles 411Score 910
156thThe SandbarBattles 365Score 910
157thThe Keefer BarBattles 282Score 907
158thRoxy BurgerBattles 276Score 905
159thHooker's GreenBattles 300Score 904
160thSt. Regis Bar & GrillBattles 382Score 901
161stCapriceBattles 369Score 900
162ndThe Prospect Point CafeBattles 228Score 900
163rdThe Pirate PubBattles 317Score 899
164thShangri-La Lobby LoungeBattles 304Score 898
165thJoe's ApartmentBattles 226Score 897
166thDeighton's WellBattles 320Score 896
167thBitterBattles 269Score 896
168thMorrisseyBattles 532Score 893
169thCuchilloBattles 218Score 892
170thGranville RoomsBattles 395Score 890
171stCactus Club (Robson)Battles 426Score 890
172ndMilestone's (Cambie)Battles 263Score 890
173rdUvaBattles 296Score 889
174thCactus Club (Yaletown)Battles 380Score 886
175thThe DiamondBattles 356Score 886
176thLux LoungeBattles 237Score 885
177thTimbreBattles 235Score 884
178thGuilt & CompanyBattles 340Score 880
179thHabitBattles 249Score 880
180thThe CascadeBattles 361Score 879
181stParallel 49 BrewingBattles 283Score 879
182ndG Sports Bar and GrillBattles 314Score 879
183rdBack FortyBattles 337Score 878
184thThe PortsideBattles 336Score 878
185thThe EdgeBattles 301Score 877
186thThe Reef (Commercial)Battles 279Score 877
187thPourhouseBattles 332Score 875
188thGlowbal Grill and Satay BarBattles 362Score 874
189thCactus Club (Broadway&Granville)Battles 361Score 872
190thThe YaleBattles 390Score 870
191stChill WinstonBattles 557Score 870
192ndThe EmeraldBattles 218Score 870
193rdThe BlackbirdBattles 281Score 870
194thFringeBattles 271Score 869
195thPivoBattles 253Score 868
196thWhetBattles 267Score 866
197thThe Charles BarBattles 298Score 865
198thThe Queen's RepublicBattles 237Score 865
199thThe BoathouseBattles 276Score 864
200thRed CardBattles 300Score 863
201stGossip NightclubBattles 295Score 861
202ndCactus Club (Burrard)Battles 435Score 860
203rdSpice Gallery Café and BarBattles 307Score 859
204thThe WallflowerBattles 310Score 856
205thThe Dime RoadhouseBattles 226Score 856
206thHamilton Street GrillBattles 367Score 855
207thTap & Barrel (Coal Harbour)Battles 267Score 849
208thShark ClubBattles 432Score 848
209thHavanaBattles 281Score 847
210thMilestone's (Yaletown)Battles 430Score 845
211thCabanaBattles 199Score 845
212thLibrary Square Public HouseBattles 463Score 844
213thSection 3Battles 375Score 843
214thWild Garlic BistroBattles 292Score 842
215thThe Butcher & BullockBattles 258Score 841
216thThe Three BritsBattles 218Score 837
217thThe GrainBattles 224Score 837
218thThe JunctionBattles 227Score 834
219thEarls (Yaletown)Battles 431Score 831
220thGinger 62Battles 345Score 830
221stShow Case Restaurant and BarBattles 215Score 824
222ndThe RoxyBattles 307Score 824
223rdJoey (Burrard)Battles 322Score 820
224thGotham Steakhouse and Cocktail BarBattles 331Score 806
225thShineBattles 380Score 794
226thKilljoyBattles 216Score 783
227thCelebritiesBattles 450Score 726
228thBarcelonaBattles 287Score 725
229thPumpjack PubBattles 338Score 711
230thCeili's (West 7th)Battles 302Score 675
231stSunset GrillBattles 286Score 586
232ndAubarBattles 359Score 510
Total number of battles is 76179
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Hello my names Darren Mc Donagh 24 from lreland heading over to canada in august to try find work hopefully in a bar just sending on my cv any info on finding work or feed back on the matter would be great. Kind Regards Darren CURRICULUM VITAE Darren McDonagh, 1 Lake Edge, Kilminchy Village, Dublin Road, Portlaoise, Co. Laois Ireland. PERSONAL DETAILS Date of Birth: 7th June 1988 Nationality: Irish Mobile Phone: 086: 300 91 51 EDUCATIONAL DETAILS 1993 September-2002:June Maryborough National School, Stradbally Road, Portlaoise, Co. Laois, Ireland. September 2011- June 2012 Abbeyliex futher education centre Abbeyliex Co.laois lreland WORK EXPERIENCE June 2005- Dec 2007: Paul Fitzpatrick Building Contractor Job Duties Included: General Labourer January 2008 - May 2008 John Holohan, Lakeglen, Portlaoise, Co. Laois Job Duties Included: Leaflet distributor around Ireland May 2008 - Oct 2008: Dubliners Public House Santa Ponsa, Spain. Job Duties Included: Position Bar Tender, dealing with customers daily and efficiently in a very busy tourist area. Oct 2008 - April 2009: Killeshin Hotel, Dublin Road, Portlaoise, Co. Laois. Job Duties Included: Position Bar Tender, in a spectacular 4 star hotel dealing with customers directly and efficiently, cash handling. April 2009-Janurary 2010 Travelling around Australia, Thailand, Janurary 2010 - April 2010 Killeshin Hotel, Dublin Road, Portlaoise, Co. Laois Job Duties Included: As above April 2010 - November 2010 Santa Ponsa, Spain Dubliners Public House Santa Ponsa, Spain. Job Duties Included: Position Bar Tender, dealing with customers daily and efficiently in a very busy tourist area.cash handling Reference: Jonathan Johnson [Bar Manager] Killeshin Hotel, Dublin Road, Portlaoise, Co. Laois, Ireland. [057 86] 31 200 www.thekilleshin.com
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