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Library Square Public House

Name Library Square Public House
Address300 West Georgia St
Phone 604-633-9644
Home Pagehttp://www.donnellypubs.ca/?librarySquare
Description Library Square Public House has outside seating! Library Square Public House has lots of TV's.
Day Opening Hours
Monday 11am-2am
Tuesday 11am-2am
Wednesday 11am-2am
Thursday 11am-2am
Friday 11am-3am
Saturday 11am-3am
Sunday 11am-2am
Outside Seating?
1 votes against2 votes for

Lots of TVs?
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agree with canuck hater
WORST SERVICE AND MANAGEMENT L-LOUD AND RUDE SERVERS I-IS FULL OF IDIOTS B-BAD SERVICE MADE ME MAD R-RACISM PLACE A-ALWAYS PROVIDING BAD SERVICE R-RAW FOOD SERVED Y-YOU HAVE THE WORST SERVICE IN THE WORLD i hate this place with a passion first of all you are the biggest idiot in the world! second this food is bad, third not pure and simple, and last but least there is a new generation of keyboard typing skills.... there are lots of doormans that are very nice like on vancouver island, victoria, but not vancouver because its filled with racism stupid place good day
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This guy or girl above is an idiot. He can't even properly explain himself without a million typos. Library Square is awesome. Pure and simple. Great staff, great music and great menu. Ok...maybe the menu isn't great but it definitely satisfies. As far as the doormen, where have you met doormen that aren't constantly on edge. These guys get threatened, yelled at and are under a lot of stress every single night. The square rocks!
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canuck haters and discrimnation
i hate this food and the bouncers were racist and adding tip already when i eat food i get id even though i look 25 the bouncers need to learn some manners and some respect i saw them banning a person with a disability the poor guy told me they banned him apparently he is a creep but he told me the truth and this club should be closed down for banning that person with a disability he told me he has anxiety problems which he cant control shame on this club and he is sensative if i was there with him i would have protected him from that bouncer this club i would not go back again and that poor lad i hope he copes with his anxiety in the future but this club SHAME ON YOU
posted by me