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Malones Bar & Grill

Name Malones Bar & Grill
Address608 West Pender St
Phone 604-684-9977
Home Pagehttp://www.malones.bc.ca/
Description Malones Bar & Grill does not have outside seating. Malones Bar & Grill has lots of TV's.
Day Opening Hours
Monday -
Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday -
Outside Seating?
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Lots of TVs?
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CHRIS- bar manager ay Malones is a volatile vindictice POS! 1.5 years ago as a daily regular i came in .. Ordered and was harrased and aske for my cc# Before i evwn ordered food! And i informed CHRIS Politely i was a regular and knew Nick Jill Claire and fernando and assure him i make more # in a day than he does all week am pulled out #1000 CASH and told Him, unless i see him collect EVERYONES credit card in the bar in front of me that id be filing a discrimination suit agaimst the establishment as it was not only unmerited but beyond insulting!!!! Now 1.5 yrs later after many reoccurant unpleasant amd outwardly RUDE interactions since CHRIS the bar manager I came in there tonight.. And after a drink w JILL upstairs i went to main room an continued on. At one point i asked him something and he ignored me. Asked again and he said " unless u show me something positive im not listening!!!!" wt*f??? Ur a fu*ckin*g BARTENDER and the ONLY one who has ANY issue w me!!!! He said he remembers me of course... So i offered my cc to comply w his original RANT an was shunned and publically HUMILIATED as he began yelling to me about how i have treated him poorly since that original experience and what a BI*TC*H i am!!!!!! to everyone!!! boo FN HOo! ! I know 3-4 other bartenders Personally long before ge arrived there and havent even been in ther for 4 months and This is How im treated for attempting to request what i need to do to be treated w Respect by him????! All ego zero brains... Empty bar on a Friday night.. Gee wonder why w him in charge !!! FIRE HIM IMMEDIATELY!!! I will be blogging and Making formal complaints about this Dic*kless guy with b*alls bigger than his brains till hes FIRED and working in a fu*c*king Soup kitchen on Hastings st where his ghetto white trailer trash a*s*s belongs! I will be making Formal complaints w the owners until he is GONE and i suggest anyone Else who has legitimate complaints against CHRIS the bar manager at MALONES PUB on W. Pender st make them public record NOW ! Theres enuf ego in bars ... If you arent willing to pay for it??? Back me up. Chris is a fu*ck*ing insult to any biz that requires word of mouth to stay Alive. Fu*c*k HIm and f*u*ck the policies that allow this assClown CHRIS to get PAID for such public displays of embarrasement for NO REASON both to his employers who expect Him to represent them in a positive and progressive way and the patrons who pay his fu*cking Salary!!!!
posted by BIGTIPPER