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Mill Marine Bistro

Name Mill Marine Bistro
Address1199 West Cordova St
Phone 604-687-6455
Home Pagehttp://www.millbistro.ca/
Description Mill Marine Bistro has outside seating! It is not known if Mill Marine Bistro has a lot of TV's.
Day Opening Hours
Monday 11AM to 11PM
Tuesday 11AM to 11PM
Wednesday 11AM to 11PM
Thursday 11AM to 11PM
Friday 11AM to 12AM
Saturday 11AM to 12AM
Sunday 11AM to 11PM
Outside Seating?
0 votes against2 votes for

Lots of TVs?
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best patio in the country!
I've been to hundreds of patios around the country and nothing comes anywhere near this paradise. The view and girls the beer nachos and fun times had are alawys just mint. my boyz love coming here after work and for the games.
posted by piratepint
Rubbish poutine
Let me tell you something, I've lived in Montreal for 3 years and the 'authentic Montreal' poutine served here is rubbish. Still, cheap Strongbow made up for it. Keep an eye out for the concrete children's park nearby (and a few sea-planes)
posted by Badger