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Pulse Nightclub

Name Pulse Nightclub
Address1138 Davie Street
Phone 604-669-2013
Home Pagehttp://www.pulsenightclubvancouver.com/
Description It is not known if Pulse Nightclub has outside seating. It is not known if Pulse Nightclub has a lot of TV's.
Day Opening Hours
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 9pm-3am
Thursday 9pm-3am
Friday 9pm-3am
Saturday 9pm-3am
Sunday 9pm-3am
Outside Seating?
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Lots of TVs?
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Pulse has no pulse
Pulse has been closed and replaced with a pub. Can't remember the name of it.
posted by Jinja
Bad experience
The personnel is very rude to the clients! Busser takes all the drinks doesn't matter if they finished or not. So we had two bad incidents in this club and our night out was ruined! First nobody told us at the entrance that we have to pay, and the girl who was selling the tickets has't notice us. After a while she came to us and in a very rude manner said that we have to pay or get out from the club! We paid for the entrance and I tryed to explain her that nobody told us. But security guy who was standing beside her kept telling that if we don't like something we can get out! And he started telling that after we paid for entrance. Than we went to tha bar odered some drinks, and put them on a table to go and dance a little. At this moment the busser came and put our unfinished drinks with other glases on his tray. My friend noticed it and asked the busser to bring our drinks back. The busser took some different dirty glases from his tray and gave them to us not caring at all. Than he left, and after two seconds a security guard came and told my friend to get out from the club pushing him towards the entrance. And at the entrance quard told that we are not allowed to speak to the club personal like that. Like what?!? We were wery polite but everybody in this club were shouting at us and behaving very agressively! Than we went to the manager to tell about this story. The manager promised us to talk with the busser but he still haven't replied to us. I guess he doesn't care at all about the clients! Cool club, what can I say!
posted by Visitor