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Previous Suggestions

rootWhy not make a suggestion box
JinjaAdd Ginger62, it's on the corner of Granville and Robson
JinjaEr, I meant Ginger62 is on the corner of Granville and DavieThanks, I've now added this
Trouser ManAdd the cross st in the address for each pubThat's a good idea, I will
MarymagsThe Fountainhead Pub, 1025 Davie StreetThanks, I've now added this
The Oasis Pub, 1234 Thurlow StThanks, I've now added this
MarymagsTwo Parrots Taverna, 1202 Granville StThanks, I've now added this
MarymagsPanama Jack's Bar And Grill, 1180 Howe StreetThanks, I've now added this
MarymagsBlarney Stone, 216 Carrall StThanks, I've now added this
MarymagsPiccadilly Pub, 622 W. Pender StreetThanks, I've now added this
MarymagsYou need a back button after you submit your input BTWYes, that's a good idea. Use back on your browser for now.
NeilAdd the Milestones,, I've now added these
NeilAdd the Cactus Club, 1136 Robson St.Thanks, I've now added this
NeilAdd Oasis, 1204 Thurlow St.Thanks, I've now added this
NeilAdd Spice Gallery Café and Bar, 1400 Robson St.Thanks, I've now added this
JinjaInclude the average drink price for beer, cocktails, etcSuperb idea
HansYou are missing the black frog in gastownThanks, I've now added this
HansMissing Section 3 (or is it 13?) in YaletownThanks, I've now added this
Secret Squirrelcheck, not a good site, but you can find places you missed/didn't know ;-)Good idea
JinjaCreate an account and rate the pubs....I'm working on this now
Jinja...then allow me to send my ratings to my friends, so they know which pubs I think are the best!
Dirt PouchEach pub should have a "super power", so you know why you should go there!, e.g. women, cheap drinksI like it, good idea
Dirt pouchAdd The Royal!, I've now added this
Dirt PouchAdd The Red RoomThanks, I've now added this
BrandorkYou could just burn in hell?!I probably will, see you there
NeverUMindMorissey on Granville and Davie, next to Ginger 62Thanks, I've now added this
JinjaCelebrities, Lucy Mae Browns and Tokyo LoungeAdded first two. Tokyo Lounge is closed now.
Simon*cough*… Ivanhoe….*cough*It's added!
JinjaAdd Elixir on DavieAdded, thanks
JinjaHamilton Street GrillAdded, thanks
Jinjawhine o's on granvilleAdded, thanks
Jinjaunwined on howe I thinkAdded, thanks
Jinjakingston taphouse and grillAdded, thanks
Jinjajester'sAdded, thanks
Jinjadeighton's well in gastown, next to black frogAdded, thanks
Jinjathe lamplighter's pub in gastownAdded, thanks
Jinjasonar in gastownAdded, thanks
Jinjaalibi rooms in gastownAdded, thanks
Jinjasome dodgy looking place in gastown, next to 325 columbia st. looks like a hotel
Jinjathe Pub, in gastown
JinjaHoney, Lick and LotusAdded, thanks
Jinjaglowbal in yaletownAdded, thanks
JinjaShark Club, thanks
jinjavideo monsterno longer exists
JinjaShineAdded, thanks
NeilList the three nearest pubs on each pub page
JinjaBrickhouse: 730 Main Street,Added, thanks
JinjaThe Nelson Cafe on Nelson StAdded, thanks
JinjaSalt in Blood AlleyAdded, thanks
Jinjabayside lounge on DavieAdded, thanks
JinjaAdd more obvious links to the pubs from the reviews on the front page
JinjaAdd a simple vote system for various categories oneach pub
jinjaThe aubarAdded now, thanks
MikeySix Acres, 203 Carrall St - great beer selection!Added now, thanks
jinjaAdd Lickerish on Davie and HornbyAdded now, thanks
jinjaCeili`s Irish Pub and Restaurant, 670 Smithe Street,Added now, thanks
jinjaDavie Village Cafe, 1141 Davie StAdded now, thanks
jinjaThe doghouse? You should put A.K.A's to record the old pub names
JinjaComox long bar and Grill
sarsstanley park pub
jinjaThe bourbon
jinjaThe met gastownadded now, thanks
YorkieMoose's Down Under Bar, I went there for lunch today, fair prices on drinks and large menu.
YorkieSorry, that's at 830 W. Pender
WeezieLabelsLabels where? Do you mean put pub names on the map?
jinjaThe Bourbon, 50 w cordova st
JoshCan you set up a "search" function, I'm looking for a bar open 24hoursGood idea Josh, I should display obvious stats like that so you can see at a glance. I don't know of any 24hr pubs in Van'
JohnThe Blarney Stoneadded now, thanks
killerbearthe pub battle score that appears after you vote should be bold and closer to the images.
killerbearyou could add the red room and bar none....
killerbearcan you theme the battles? ex: ceili's vs. doolin's instead of gotham vs. milestones. seemed random
killerbeari like this suggestions feature. lol.
Big TFuck your couch!
jinjaAdd Mint and Gossip, near the casino, er... and the Casino?added now, thanks
MeSix Acres Pubadded now, thanks
SamuraiCascade Room
AlexRDarby's Neighborhood Pub @ West 4th & Macdonald in Kitsilano
AlexRDarby's Neighborhood Pub @ West 4th & Macdonald in Kitsilano
The MetMetropole Public HouseAdded!
The MetMetropole PubAdded!
jinjaDelilah's Martini Baradded now, thanks
Noob@WarWhy not add alower mainland section, because vancouver is a far way to go if your out in coquitlamOnly doing downtown at the moment, eventually I'll expand outside and will probably do the Mount Pleasant area first, then Kits'
God DamnWhere the fuck is the Whip on this map?Only doing downtown at the moment, eventually I'll expand outside and will probably do the Mount Pleasant area first, then Kits'
The WohoThe Wolf & Hound in KitsilanoOnly doing downtown at the moment, eventually I'll expand outside and will probably do the Mount Pleasant area first, then Kits'
The WohoSorry, forgot address - The Wolf & Hound 3617 West Broadway
El Pinche GusanoCategorize by type... PUBS ONLY - Night Clubs - Lounges - Chain Restaurants, etcGreat idea. I intend to add attributes to the pub which will allow you to identify them as pubs/clubs/both
JCi realy like what you've done, but I would like to see a straight-up battle between true pubs.Great idea. I intend to add attributes to the pub which will allow you to identify them as pubs/clubs/both
rustybedspringsI wanna know whats on tap
LisaJDarby's Pub at 4th & Macdonald
On The Edge Pub at 303 Columbia in Gastown [New pub opening soon]
On the Edge Pub is now open at 303 Columbia Street in Gastown,
NONEolympia bar grill
ICEAdd Elephant Walk Pub @41st and Knight Street
jinjawinking judge
jinjaAdd icons to represent TV, WIFI, OUTSIDE SEATING/HEATING, etc
jinjaDisplay the last 10 or so results of the pub battle to incite more pub battles
iPhone 3GSSafari
iPhone 3GSafari
hipster doofusbreak down pubs by area and city? also there are pubs and pub/restaurants
hipster doofusSt. Augustines Commercial Dr
JinjaOlympia Grill on Granville St, next to Tonic
dobrienThe Edge Gastropub in Gastown []
AyExpand to outside downtown areas ie. lower mainland
ZeebSearch Engine - so i can find places with my keywords
JinjaNew pub, guiltandcompany
the academicThe Academic Public house
MuppetStone Temple, Whineo's, and Lucy Mae Browns are now closed.
CheapBeer!Relish - 888 Nelson
lousthe castle caldicot
blahWinking Judge Pub [Burrard St]
tonyjohnnie foxwe
EricShoot me an email about setting up a marketing partnership
Yagger's PubYagger's Restaurant & Sports Bar
Mahony & SonsMahony & Sons Public House - Burrard Landing Google Places:
VankeefMahony & Sons, at the Convention Center
The BeagleEnsemble Tap on Smithe at 990
The BeagleBar One at the Wall Centre
Johnnie'sJohnnie Fox's Irish Snug
La Casita Gastow
'LilHooker's Green Public House, The New Oxford, The Killjoy Cocktail Tavern, The Clough Club,
ShadyAdd the Pit Pub, it's located on the UBC campus [6138 Student Union Boulevard]
ShadyAdd the Timbre - 2068 Commercial Drive
noThe Rumpus Room on Main at 11th
aussie girlMoose's Down Under Bar and Grill
aussie girlMoose's Down Under Bar and Grill
SimonSunset / sunrise times for each pub
polo.brandt***ADD they are part of Vancouver's history, great brew, beer on tap, food & music ***
hophoundst. augustine's
jimdouglasAdd The Park at english bay 1755 Davie Street They have +50 beers on tapThanks, added
paulCheckers Bar & Grill changed their name to The Park at English Bay and they are actually pretty goodThanks, added.
JinjaTap and barrel
craiginaterput in a section where you can see specials and activitie each night
BeedubsTap & Barrel, 1 Athletes Way, False Creek
BeedubsThis is a handy site! Also check out the go-to guide for pubs in London,